Sunglasses: big is beautiful

Bathed in the genial sunshine, walking in the bustling city, wander in between the green mountains and rivers, now, do you have enough to close the retro sunshine games, through sunglasses to show their elegant demeanor.

Glasses, big big cheap ray bans glasses, area occupied almost the face of 1/3. Yes, this is funny oversized sunglasses femoral hippies agitation. This was in the sixty or seventy's of the last century is very popular "big is beautiful" retro fashion, now also deduced a new height.

Some metal, plastic material model is used, let the retro style big sunglasses more attractive. Not only that, but also based on shape oversized sunglasses, breaking the previous arc uniform fine line frame model. Butterfly, rules exaggeration of the rectangular horn rimmed spectacles and very popular. At the same time, to choose their own color to express personality, lively pink, lavender, romantic noble purple, soft pale brown, fashionable light gray, and deep dark green.